Teenage Heartbreak

“Don’t you think we’ll regret?”, he asked. “I will never regret.” she replied. 4 words and his entire world came crashing down. He looked at her like she was the only girl in the entire world. His day started with replying to her texts and ended with a good night from her. He loved her like a fairytail. But life isn’t that easy, is it? He fell in love with her, a girl who he knew would never be his. She loved him too, but maybe that wasn’t enough. He could do anything for her, to make her smile and keep her happy, but maybe that wasn’t enough. He was the Prince Charming that she had always wanted and she was the dream girl he had always wished for, but maybe that wasn’t enough. Her smile was the only miracle he believed in and making her smile was his favourite past time, but maybe that wasn’t enough. They both loved each other but maybe that wasn’t enough. She asked him to not love her the way he did. What she didn’t know was that loving her had become an involuntary action for him. So she started pushing him away. He tried to stop her but she had already made up her mind. She knew that they could never be together and it killed her inside, he knew he could do nothing to change things and it killed him inside. All the hope, the promises, the forevers added up to nothing. She became his first love and his first heartbreak. He doesn’t believe in miracles now. The only wish he makes at 11:11 is for their love to work in some other world.

They started their journey as strangers, became bestfriends, fell in love, pulled apart from each other and finished with strangers.

-She was the Juliet to his Romeo


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