How to overcome any problem ?!

What role do problems play in our lives? If we consider life as a game then problems are nothing but objectives to be accomplished and once you have solved one you move to the next level with greater problems coming towards you, so never fear a problem or a challenge because it will only help you move forward and make you stronger than before.

So here we start on a positive note on how to overcome any problem in life!

Pessimism to Optimism

Change the way you see a problem DO NOT think bad of any situation that comes in your life because you always learn something new that will only help you and CANNOT do any harm to you in your future life. If you find it hard to get a positive perspective about a problem then think about its outcome, think of the good result that it will give you once it is solved or even if the result would be bad then think what you would learn from it and how you can improve yourself by simple analysis. This will give you the strength and courage to face the problem.

Is it really a problem? or are you just over thinking?

Discover the cause or root of the problem, sometimes our human tendency just makes it difficult for us to identify whether the present situation is good or bad for us, is it real or are we just over thinking. All you have to do is calm yourself and find an answer to these simple questions:

When did it all start?
Why it all happened?
Who started all this? Was it really someone or is it just me?
Where did it take place?

Once you have found all the answers, it is more likely that you’ve found the solution to your problem as you realize that it is not really a PROBLEM but just a misunderstanding and that you can easily solve it. But if you have not solved it yet then the following steps would help you overcome the situation.

Eliminating every misconception & misinterpretation.

If the problem has some connection with a person that is your friend, family, someone very close to you or maybe even a stranger then the best way to come nearer to the solution is taking the initiative of talking to them and clearing all your doubts and thoughts you had. Sometimes we just think that someone thinks wrong about us, we think that they hate us or don’t like us and this thought just takes us away from the solution or the real reason of the problem, It is better to talk to the person and ask them what they really think of us and 90% of your problem is just solved. Yes it is that EASY.

Taking a deeper dive into yourself.

Even if you haven’t found a solution yet then it is just you who has created the problem and one good thing about such self-created problems is that you always learn so much, you always realize if you were really so bad. So just give yourself a few minutes in a silent room and think of everything you’ve done in the past few days, where did you go wrong, where did you fail, when did you do something bad to someone else because it is sometimes just the bad vibe you take from some wrong thing that happened so just GRAB it and SMASH it and you are free you will feel no stress anymore.

How to prevent problems in your future?

The truth is that you can never prevent problems occuring in the journey of life and without problems our life would never get better, there would be nothing to compare our good times with and we would never ever realize that we
are actually happy, you only realize something good or bad when you’ve experienced an opposite type of situation and that you seek to be happy in your bad times. So NEVER fear any situation or challenge that you face in your life just keep moving forward and you will do well with time. You will keep getting better and better and life will just turn into nothing but a simple game that you will already have mastered 😀


Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below or giving a feedback/suggestion 🙂





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