16 Things that people say VS what they actually mean.

When talking to their crush.

What they say : “Don’t worry,  I’m always there for you”
What they mean: “Leave that f**kin a**hole,  I am perfect for you!”

What they say : “Good morning, you are looking good”
What they mean: “You are looking damn hot lemme get a hug”

Meeting someone after a long time.

What they say : “Aye man long time no see!  Where have ya been?”
What they mean: “Why on earth did you appear in my life again!?”

What they say : “I really missed you bro”
What they mean: “I was happy before but I’m not sure anymore”

Whilst taking suggestions.

What they say : “Oh thank you! That’s a very good idea, I’ll think on it”
What they mean: “Such a boring advice you shouldn’t even try”

What they say : “Hahaha, that’s very nice of you.Thank you for suggesting me”
What they mean: “Such an idiot doesn’t even understand what I wanted”

When apologizing to the teacher.

What they say : “I’m sorry, I’ll take care next time”
What they mean: “How dare you scold me I’ll take my revenge next time”

What they say : “Oh sorry, I forgot to do the homework”
What they mean: “Who cares about your damn homework don’t even expect me to complete it ”

While giving their opinion.

What they say : “I seriously think that…”
What they mean: “I don’t give a damn about it do whatever you wanna do”

What they say : “You’ve done great but you could’ve done it the other way”
What they mean: “It doesn’t even matter coz you will only FAIL”

When talking about their adventure.

What they say : “It was a really great experience you should also try it sometime”
What they mean: “Aren’t you f**kin jealous coz you will never have the chance to enjoy it >:)”

What they say : “They put up a very good show”
What they mean: “Aww how sad you couldn’t even attend it (sarcastically)”

What I say VS what I actually mean at times.

What I say : “Yeah I’m okay”
What I mean: “How can  I be okay, you are too dumb to ask such a question”

What I say : “Yes ma’am, I’ve completed my homework” (To my teacher)
What I mean: “Don’t even come near me to check my notebook”

What I say : “Yeah I’ll call you later”
What I mean: “Yeah I’ll text you later”

What I say : “Let’s meet up after exams?”
What I mean: “Can you let me f**kin study right now!?”


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