6 reasons why you should start watching anime.

For all those who don’t know what anime actually is, it is a style of Japanese film and television animation.
You must’ve heard about or watched Naruto, Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon in your childhood and surprisingly all of these are anime.

So here are all the reasons you should start watching anime

1. Anime is very very very surprising and suspenseful!

Once you are into the story and start anticipating,you often see twists and turns, the plot of the story is depicted in such a hilarious way that it just gives you a shock and leaves you with a deep thought of it.

2. Not just for geeks

Many of us think that only geeks watch anime, but not everything we think is true, even American TV show lovers make a huge part of the anime fan world, as you get into the anime community you discover new and different types of people. They share a common interest and interact with strangers very often and easily being part of the same anime world.

3.Easy to catch up with

Most of the anime are only 12-22 episodic series, so even if the season has ended officially on TV, you can find it online and finish it in just days or maybe hours! (I hold a record of 8 hours per anime coz it was amazing) But if you really have great amount of time then there are even those lengthy anime to enjoy with an episode count of more than 60.

4. Fit for every age group

Whether a child or an adult, anyone can watch anime! Anime artists make them in such a way that a human of any age group can enjoy watching an anime.

5. Introduction to a new culture

Yes! You learn many things about the Japanese culture, the Japanese lifestyle, Japanese accent, how people greet, how they address friends and family AND SO MUCH MORE! You even learn a plenty of Japanese words 😀 and believe me it is so much fun to learn all these new things !

6. Interesting and Fantastic characters

The characters anime artists create are so fascinating (especially girls they are BEAUTIFUL and SO ADORABLE!) that you’d just want an anime character to be present in your life. They teach you so many life lessons that it influences your way of living in very amazing yet good manner.

So I guess you’ve decided to start watching anime but a question must arise in your mind, “Which could be a good anime to watch first?”

Don’t worry I have a list of a few anime series for you that might interest you and also one of the most rated anime.

Death Note (Action & Suspense) 37 Episodes
Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso (Romance & Comedy) 22 Episodes
Erase (Romance & Suspense) 12 Episodes

You can find every anime present on earth on this website: Chia Anime

For anime ranking you can go to: My anime list


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